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Caring for Your Furry Friends

We provide practical, real-life tips, health and training advice to help you enrich and lengthen the special relationship between you and your pets. We believe all animals — from your pet to the companion animals we care for should be loved and cared for during their lifetimes.

You will find information that will help in raising dogs and cats, training them, falling in love with them, providing pet owners all the information they need to live happily and healthily with their pets.


Dog Portrait

A little about Adrienne Farricelli…and why she can help you…

“Dogs don’t make judgments about physical appearance or abilities, and they don’t care how big your house is or what you do for a living. They care about the quality of your character and your capacity to love.”             

                                                                            - Elizabeth Eiler

Dog Brain Training Secrets

  • Do you have a generally disobedient dog?

  • Does your dog embarrass you in public?

  • Are you sick of excessive biting, barking, and whining?

  • Are you sick of dealing with dog aggression issues?

  • Do you want to know how to fix virtually any dog behavior problem?

  • Or, perhaps you just want the best relationship that you can possibly have with your dog...

You Can Now Finally Put An End To Your Dog's Behavior Problems! 

Green iguana pet crawling on the floor
Puppy trying to feed on ice cream
golden retriever eating food in a big puppy bowl
Golden Retriever
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