Different Cat Breeds and Your Cat Selection

There are different types of cat breeds available and you can choose from a wide variety. This article will give you an introduction to some of the popular cat breeds and their features.

  •  Abyssinian Cats

  • The American Shorthair Cat

  • The Bengal Cat

  • The Persian Cat

  • The Russian Blue Cat

  • Siamese Cats

  • The Himalayan Cat

  • The British Blue Cat 

The Breeds

Domestic cats come with different personalities and you have to choose one which suits your atmosphere and your personal needs. There are different cat breeds and in those breeds, some are more demanding mentally, some are more demanding physically while some can be more challenging to train and if you have a silent atmosphere in your house then, you must know that they meow differently too as some breeds are more chirpy while some are silent. The choice of breed determines what kind of relationship you will have with your kitty. In this discussion, I will tell you about some known breeds of cats and will also guide for cat selection and their brief behavioral introduction. Every breed has certain characteristics but there are certain exceptions with almost every cat.

Abyssinian Cats

They are very active and very curious. They are also clever. They always try to watch humans and then copy things that they do. This can be with your doors and cupboards and if you have them in your house then make your cupboards and doors safe from them. They have lots of energy and can run very fast. This energy is needed to be consumed and you need to engage them in lots of physical and mental activity to avoid their destructive behavior. This feature of these cats makes them suitable only for those families that can give them proper time and they have prior experience of grooming them.

The American Shorthair Cat

They are little on silent sides and are also very shy to humans at the start. Once they get used to the conditions then, they can be very friendly with children. They play and give lots of good time for kids. They need brushing just twice a week and they are also very healthy with a strong immune system and can live for more than 20 years. They are best suited if you are a first-time cat owner because these are very easy going with a very cool temperament and will give you no problem in training and looking after. They are found in more than 80 different color patterns and can grow quite big. Males can become more than 15 pounds while females can become more than 12 pounds in the full-grown state.

The Bengal Cat

They are very active, energetic and agile with lots of strength. They can learn certain tricks very easily like handshaking, door opening, window closing, and other similar tricks. You also have to give them lots of care and attention and these are also not for rookies and only those families that have prior knowledge of curbing a cat can afford to have them. They want to have some activity going all the time and live happily in families where you have some kids who keep playing on your lawn. They love to play with them too. These are very impressive and beautiful in their looks with their wild markings on their skin.

The Persian Cat

Persian cats are very easy going and they need some affection and love to be played with. These cats will not be very demanding all the times but whenever they will see you free, they will sit in your lap and will want some of your attention. Some of them will develop some extra attraction with one particular family member but most of the time they stay in touch with everyone. They are also very cooperative with other pets in the house and especially they love to play with children. They can adopt changes like the addition of pets, the addition of new family members quiet well. They just need some medical care throughout their lifetime because they suffer from watery eyes and breathing problems

The Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue cats are very clever, active and affectionate and most importantly independent in the sense that they will always keep looking for something to eat on their own whether you provide them regular food or not but their instinct of hunting never dies. They are active and they are not very easy to handle in a changing environment. They will always react negatively to addition to family members of some new pets in the house.

Siamese Cats

They are very intelligent, energetic and active kind of cats. They want lots of attention from their owner and like to go on a walk with a leash. They are also very affectionate and most of the time they try to sleep with their owner. They are extremely noisy and can produce different types of voices frequently. They are not suited for everyone as they need lots of attention and care from their owner and especially if you are the one who likes to have a quiet and silent pet then, this is definitely not one of your types.

The Himalayan Cat

They are very easy going, easy to train, affectionate and very humble in their attitude. They are also very mildly active and you cannot say that they are proactive and are also very silent in their nature. Their fur is very delicate and is needed to be combed almost every day. You can also give them a regular bath to keep their fur in the same glowing and attractive form. You also need to give them a regular medical checkup because they can suffer from watery eyes and some breathing eyes.

The British Blue Cat

These cat breeds are also very affectionate and like to sit in their lap but they can be scary to strangers and do not adopt changes in an environment very effectively. They can live even in very small homes and that too very easily and without any problem. They are the most beautiful cats with lots of color combinations available with their blue eyes. They are also known as British Shorthair.


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