How To Train A Cat: Basics of Cat Training

Updated: Mar 14

When it comes to how to train a cat then, things start to get a little tough because they do not pose many behavioral problems and even if they pose then, they can be solved easily but once you start training your pet then, it will take some time and hard work from you to make the cat do the thing that you want him or her to do. In following

article, I will tell you some basic steps that you should take to train your cat.

  • Changing the basic living ways of cat

  • Add some manners in your cat’s life

  • Avoiding bad habits

  • Shape your cat’s behavior

Cats are said to be an independent pet and rightly so because if you ask any cat owner then, he will tell you that they are very easy to handle pets and they are not demanding at all. They become part of your house very quietly and have no very specific needs in terms of food and other similar activities. Cats are a lot easier to handle than dogs. They will also not chase you to get your attention like dogs instead they will rather stay at their place silently and will wait for you to go to them and give them a big hug. These features show that they are very composed, easy-going and polite creatures which are very easy to handle.

Changing the Basic Living Ways Of Cat

This is a million dollar question that “can cats be trained?”

The answer can be a little confusing but can be understood with some deep attention that cats can be trained but only on feline terms. You cannot make them do some things on your own terms instead you have to see the world from a cat’s perspective if you are really into training your pet.

Understanding the cat behavior is very important and unlike dogs they have very less intelligence but you can still, teach them certain things.

Add Some Manners in Your Cat’s Life

You can teach your cat to jump through holes and obey your orders but it is better that you emphasize more basic things that are called as manners. They are wilder than dogs and it is necessary to teach them manners. They cannot learn by just watching you instead you have to come to their level to tell them how they have to live in your house. Manners are not something that your pet will start handshaking with your guest but from manners, I mean that she should behave normal cat activities and should perform only those things which are acceptable at home and are not creating any fuss.

Bad Cat Behavior: Avoiding Bad Habits

Some owners really do not care about certain bad habits of their cats, for example, it can look really cute when your small kitten bites at your barefoot or wrist but it will be a different scene when a full-grown cat bites you with his predator's teeth but you do not need to get shocked at that time because she is doing what she was taught in early days. You need to observe the habits of your pet closely and tell him or her to avoid certain habits that are not appropriate for your home’s order and discipline.

Never encourage the bad cat behavior that you do not want to see in your cat in the future. This is a normal rule that apply some common sense in your relationship and avoid your pet to do things that can make a fuss in your home.

Cat Behavior Issues: Shape Your Cat’s Behavior

The simplest way of making them a mannered and habitual pet is through shaping his behavior for example scratching is normal cat behavior issues and they will scratch no matter what you do but if you can associate some unpleasant activity with scratching then, they will think before scratching.

You can try to use a spray of water whenever your cat tries to scratch or bite any pillow, wallpaper or carpet or any other similar thing. If you can do that effectively for some period of time then, they will know that whenever this scratching or biting is executed then, it will be accompanied with a very unpleasant event of getting wet and it will be just a matter of a time when your cat ignores all kinds of scratching and biting.

What common issues you face while training your cat?

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