Lesser Known Facts: All About Dog Food

Foods Poisonous To Dogs

Usually, most pet owners take good care of their dogs and they are pretty careful about what they feed them but they don't know all about dog food. When it comes to feeding your pet you’re your dinner table, though, there is much to be considered such as how sure are you that what you are feeding your pet is good for it?

It does not matter if you feed your pet from the dinner table only on occasion or on a regular basis – there are dangerous “people” foods poisonous to dogs that should NEVER be fed because some of these are toxic foods for dog.

Feeding your canine should be a careful affair. You should know that every morsel that you feed is nutritious and safe. You can only do this by reading the labels of your pet foods, plain and simple.

Let’s take a look at some of the considerations we should be discussing when it comes to feeding table food and avoiding foods poisonous to dogs:

  • As a rule of thumb usually, any food that is acidic is not a good food to be offering your pet and is considered toxic foods for dogs. Acidity can damage the GI tract of the dog, leading to a number of nasty side effects some of which include; vomiting, panting, fever, restlessness, the list goes on.

  • Grapes or raisin are terrible for them and kidney failure has been documented in dogs that have ingested this fruit so stay away!

  • Onions are also dangerous foods for dogs as they can cause onion poisoning which affects the balance of red blood cells in their body.

  • Coffee will elevate your dog’s heart rate; can lead to anything from seizures, to GI tract difficulties.

  • The second most common cause of canine poisoning in the world today is ibuprofen. Dogs love the smell of this drug and will do anything to get at it if a bottle is around the house and not securely locked away.

  • The most popular treat people want to give their pets is chocolate. This is a big no-no! As with coffee, chocolate contains caffeine that will elevate your dog’s heart rate and can promote seizures.

  • Always be sure to keep your animal away from rat poison! This is the world leader in canine poisoning and can be prevented if we take care to ensure that the rat traps are not where your dog can get at them.

Are Human Food Poisonous To Dogs?

Feed your dog properly and leave the “people” food to the people. Human food for dogs may do more damage than improving your dog's health. Select food that contains proper balanced nutrition and is prepared just for canines. If you have any doubts about what you should be feeding to your dog, check with your Vet for a professional opinion and then follow what your Vet says to the leather. Even an occasional something from the table can be dangerous foods for dogs.

Most human foods that we like aren’t safe for our pets to enjoy. In fact, some of them can be quite fatal if consumed in huge enough amounts. Human food poisonous to dogs are consumed by pet on a day-to-day basis which is ignored by most pet owners.

How To Pick Dog Food

When feeding your canine, think about the following:

  • The size of your dog.

  • The daily activity level of your dog.

  • The life stage of your dog.

  • Any health conditions that your dog may have.

If you don’t take into account all of the above, you can be setting them up for a major crash that you could surely avoid by being smart and attentive to their needs. There are many foods harmful to dogs that you should learn not to feed them.

Too many dog owners care little about the foods they supply. They buy cheaper brands, which have little nutrition. They feed their dog table scraps, which are poison for dogs to eat and they just don’t seem to care, either.

When they are fed all of these substandard foods, they are set up for all kinds of sickness. They can become lethargic and lack energy. They can be listless and stop being frisky. You might think your dog is tired, so resting more when in fact your dog could be sick. It is so important that you feed them right if you want your pet to be healthy.

The size of your dog will determine greatly the amount of food that you should feed him. For proper feeding regulations, the bag will list approximate amounts, however, if you are an experienced dog owner you will find that these recommended portions are not always appropriate for your specific dog. The label on the bag is just a guide, a little more, or a little less will not hurt based on your opinion. Trust your judgment when reading the label and do what you decide is best.

Your dog will have individual needs. No two dogs are exactly the same.

Certain breeds of dog have specific nutritional requirements that must be met in their diet for them to live an optimum lifestyle. Knowing this, pet food manufacturers have started to produce breed-specific foods. Royal Canin is the leader in this regard and has a great line of breed-specific dog and cat food products on the market.

A high energy dog will need a high energy diet. Calorie rich food will benefit a dog that is highly active, for example, a working dog, needs a high-calorie diet, due to their active days assisting their masters to perform important daily tasks.

Choosing a food according to your dog's stage of life is very important to their health. Your dog's nutritional needs will vary depending on his stage of life and depending on his size. Puppies need a high protein, high-calorie diet. Adults need a balanced blend of all of the necessary elements and senior dogs have specific food products with extra additives to take care of their special needs some of which being but not limited to joint maintenance, immune boosters, and bone strengthening.

Regardless of what your pet’s special needs are there is a pet food that fits. Your job is to find it!

Dog Foods To Avoid And Safe Foods For Dogs To Eat

With such a large number of different types of foods out there, which food should I buy or which dog foods to avoid to ensure my pet’s good health? It is a responsible dog owner’s job to select a balanced and nutritious food.

The simplest way to make a good determination on which pet food is best, read the label through and through. Don’t just glance at it, be sure to read each and every item.

Foods Harmful To Dogs

The label on a bag of dog food will list the ingredients from the greatest weight to least. This is important to know because you will learn what components are present in the food in their specific amounts.

  • If the first ingredient is whole meat of any kind, don’t accept it as this measurement is taken before the meat is rendered.

  • Animal by-products present in dog food indicate a cheap low-quality alternative.

  • Read the moisture level, if it is anything over 11, this indicates that the dry matter basis is of a low quality.

Safe Foods for Dogs That are Healthy To Eat:

  • If Whole meat is not the first ingredient and Chicken or beef Meal is, this is good. This tells you that the amount of meat protein is a lot higher than it would be with whole meat as the listed first ingredient.

  • Premium foods for dogs don’t contain any animal by-product. This is good.

  • Premium dog foods will usually contain less or equal to 10% moisture. This is ideal.

Chicken meal is simply chicken that has been baked to remove bacteria and other toxins. Chicken is simply pure chicken.

Chicken is made up mostly of water. If a label on a bag of dog food says 60% whole chicken that is quite misleading as that does not take into account how much of that 60% of chicken is left after baking it to remove unwanted substances! So beware!

When the label on the bag says 60% of chicken meal, you're getting more of the chicken because the product has already been baked to remove unwanted affects such as bacteria.

Dog food will come in so many different ways, shapes and sizes so being aware of what ingredients are used to provide your pet with proper nutrition is the only way to go.

Keep in mind that if your dog is not eating healthy, or if your choice of pet food does not carry the prescribed, needed ingredients, your dog will not be able to maintain proper health and can become sick.

A sick pet will not be playful, will be lethargic and will generally portray poor behavior. When a dog is receiving proper nutrition their coat is shiny and thick and they are happy. You might feel happy about spending less on your dog, think you are getting a good deal but if it is not the proper nutrition, both your pet and you will pay for it in the end.

Are Cheap Foods Bad For Dogs?

When you spend a little more on food for your pet you are getting a superior product and isn’t your dog worth it? Knowing you are buying the best to feed your dog for his best health is its own reward. Your pet will look great and be happy. This is what every pet owner wants.

Dog food ingredients are important to pay attention to. Many pet food manufacturers count on you purchasing your dog food at the local store or grocer because this is so convenient. Most people like to pick up food for their dog where they purchase their food for the family each week. Some pet food manufacturers that are carried at the grocer feel they can get away with cutting corners on your pet’s good health. Don’t buy into that or you will have a very unhealthy pet.

Most important to remember is to check your labels! Look for protein listed first so that you are certain to get the optimal nutrition for them. One of the ways to prevent consumption of foods bad for dogs is to avoid labels that contain multiple by-products on the list as this is inferior nutrition and not the food you want to be feeding your beloved dog.

Good Food For Dogs To Eat: Read Labels

When selecting dog food, reach for good food for dogs to eat that is both nutritious and balanced. You will find out if the food is what you need by reading the label. When reading the label, be sure to do your homework. Keep in mind that most dog foods list their first ingredient as a whole meal. Good as this sounds, this tells you that the meat has a high percentage of water and less nutritious.

You will also notice labels that contain chicken and chicken meal. Opt for the chicken meal as this means it has been baked to remove bacteria and toxins. Again, the ingredient chicken is 60% of water, which means you are not buying good nutrition here.

When you feed your pet the best you can they are more apt to be healthy and happy. When you feed him inferior food he will become sick. He will stop being playful and will become lethargic Its vital to remember that some of the foods that you love might be foods harmful to dogs.

Best Foods Dogs Can Eat: Commercial Or Premium?

What is the difference between commercial and premium dog foods?

The difference between commercial and high-quality dog foods is quite extensive. However, there are easy methods that we as pet owners can take advantage of to ensure that we offer good food for dogs to eat.

Commercial Dog Food

The commercial pet food market is heavily relied upon by wholesale and commercial stores as it is this type of product that contributes widely to the success of these consumer franchises.

For the production of a commercial dog food product, food manufacturers use a lower quality ingredient structure. This includes animal by-product. Animal by-products contain little nutrition and are thought of as fillers.

By doing this, the cost of production is low. The profit is high due to the public buying the product at a reduced price than that of the premium product. Most pet owners are not concerned with what the label on the bag reads. Many just buy their dog foods blindly and feel happy enough with what they are feeding their pet. Fillers (cheap additives) are included to make the food taste good.

Premium Dog Food

Premium pet food is exactly what it says it is. These are good, nutritious products that are safe foods dogs can eat. They are good because they are:

  • Products that are manufactured with your dog in mind instead of the dollar.

  • Products that are properly nutritionally balanced.

  • Products that contain high-quality ingredients.

  • Products that take due time to be created allowing for proper research to be conducted.

  • Extensive product testing, for example, Taste trials.

Commercial dog food manufacturers gain from our ignorance! Would you as a parent feed your new baby a low-quality formula, or would you go with the more expensive yet far superior brand? A good pet owner will opt for the latter every time! Knowing how important a healthy diet is to the present and future longevity of one’s dog makes the point for feeding premium pet food very well.

The below list is a simple guide containing things to consider the next time you go to purchase food for your dog:

  • Commercial products are sold in commercial establishments such as grocery stores.

  • Premium products are not sold in grocery stores.

  • A lot of commercial products list whole meat of some kind as their first ingredient. This is misleading due to the measurement being taken before the meat is cooked, reducing it drastically.

  • Premium products will not list whole meat as their first ingredient.

  • A lot of premium products contain specific breed formulas best suited for your breed of dog.

  • When buying a premium dog food, you will pay for what you get. In order to ensure a quality product money is spent to research, test and tinker with the product to create the finished product.

Premium food for pet is worth it’s weight in gold to your dog!

Buy Premium Dog Food

Premium pet foods are the best foods for your dog. They do cost more because they are of high value and so pay off in the end both for your pet and for your pocketbook.

Premium dog foods do not contain harmful fillers and inferior ingredients. They are both sound and nutritious. There are no colors or preservatives so they will be fed nature’s finest.

Learn how to calculate to convert to dry matter when reading labels. This is the best value for your dollar and the best nutrition for your dog.

Taurine is an excellent ingredient in some dog foods. It is an amino acid and works to benefit the dog’s heart, kidneys and blood. It works to carry essential ingredients to and from cells.

You should read labels carefully to see if Taurine is included in your dog’s food. Not all dog foods will. When so many pet food manufacturers are just in business for the buck, keep this in mind when you select your choice of pet food.

The only food that you should be feeding your canine is approved foods by your Veterinarian. These come complete with sound nutrition.

Don’t think that you are doing your pet any favors by offering him a wee morsel of your own food. Doing this only now and then is forbidden and should never be entertained. After all, why would you want to feed your beloved pet something you know will harm him?

Feed them on a good schedule and limit the amounts. This is the best you can do for your dog and this is a responsible pet owner’s job. In order for your pet to be at his best health, it is important to keep his weight down. All of that extra weight is not healthy.

Choose foods dogs can eat according to their size, daily activity level and health conditions. Avoid the cheaper brand foods as these are inferior choices for their best interest and help. Even after learning all about dog food, you may end up serving foods poisonous to dogs that are not healthy.

Your dog is an individual and so his needs won’t be exactly the same as your neighbor’s pet. Take all of these factors into consideration and you will be proud to be a pet owner.

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