My Pets Are A Part Of My Family

Updated: Feb 23

Our pets deserve our love. We love pets in our own unique and different ways. Being an animal lover means opening my home to a range of animals.

On February 20, we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, a day to embrace one special trait that makes us human: our love of our pets!

Although animals understand a different form of communication, they all speak the language of love. They understand what it means to be loved by humans. They respond accordingly based on how I treat them.

My dog is my trusted friend. It feels good to have a tireless soul looking out for me.

When I get home each day, my dog greets me at the door with excitement. It is a good feeling to be missed and loved. I love my dog so much that I shower my dog with hugs and rubs that show my appreciation and love in return.

I invite my pets to share my living space whenever my family is gathered there. They are just as important to me.

Television time in the evenings is complemented by a little playtime with my cats. They feel the affection that abounds when my family is together in one space. I include them so that they understand how much they mean to me. Although they know how to survive on their own, I take responsibility for their well-being.

Their health is an integral part of their overall happiness. I feed them nutritious food and give them regular exercise. My role in their life is just like the role I play for my children.

Today, pets are an extension of my family. We love pets with the same intensity that I love my family and treat them with the same respect. It is heartening to know that I have their loyalty in return.

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