The Ultimate Guide For Shock Collars And Alternatives To Shock Collars

What is a No-Bark Electric Shock Dog Collar?

Bark collars are a specific type of training tool that is ideal for dogs with a natural tendency to bark excessively, or more than usual for any reason. Bark collars are designed to provide negative reinforcement in reaction to unwanted barking behavior. Over time, the dog will learn to avoid the behavior in order to avoid negative reinforcement.

While the use of electric shock dog collar has become controversial, it is not inherently a bad training method as long as the collar is used correctly and the training is administered as it should be. This guide will address the concept of a specific type of bark collar, a "shock" bark collar which delivers an electrical pulse in reaction to the barking behavior. While there are other types of negative reinforcement bark collars, including collars that spray citronella rather than emitting an electrical pulse, but the electrical "shock" type of collar is the preferred method of training a dog not to bark through the use of control tool.

Electronic "shock bark collars" are capable of detecting vibration in the dog's vocal cords as he or she barks. When these vibrations are determined, a low-level shock is delivered to the neck of the dog.

These shocks have been compared to the electric shock that is felt as a result of static electricity when you touch a door knob after shuffling across a carpeted floor. Still, this type of collar has been criticized in the past as being humane or cruel. Some areas, such as Australia have outlawed and prohibited the use of electronic bark collars.

Some veterinary professionals also have questioned the effectiveness of these collars in the past, after a study conducted by the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has found that after significant testing, four out of the eight dogs tested with an electric bark collar had no reduction in barking.

If your dog's barking habit is beyond your control, before you consider any irrational options, you need to think about training methods. No bark collars are a solution that is well worth exploring, at least to determine whether or not it is ideal for your situation. No bark electronic shock collars are designed specifically to be quick, easy and humane in reducing a dog's barking habit. When electronic shock collars are used the right way, it can take only a handful of days to drastically reduce a dog's barking habit.

If you are just beginning to understand what electric shock dog collar are, this guide will provide the resources and information that you need to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to use one for your dog. The first thing that we will examine when it comes to shock no-bark dog collars are the pros and cons associated with training a dog in this fashion.

Why Dogs Bark? Shock Collars To Stop Barking!

  • Your dog is likely barking for one of several reasons. Dogs bark as a response to a variety of different types of stimuli, such as when a strange person approaches, or when a foreign animal is in the dog's territory. Dogs can also be urged to bark when other dogs are barking, which unfortunately reinforces the territorial response of the dog. This is the most useful type of barking for any human owner who is looking to keep a dog as a form of protection.

  • Dogs also tend to bark as a learned response to a number of stimuli. If a dog barks, and then as a result, he or she receives attention from you, then he or she will learn that barking is an excellent way to get what he wants. If a dog brings his toy to you and then he barks to you, and you engage in playtime with the dog, as a result, then the dog will learn that an excellent way to initiate playtime is through barking.

  • If this behavior causes you to yell or to scold the dog, he still may continue this behavior because all reinforcement is reinforcement, even negative reinforcement because all attention beats absolutely no attention. Barking is also a completely normal play behavior for a dog, and the dog may bark both to humans and animals during play.

  • When barking for the purpose of seeking attention, dogs also tend to bark in response to the anxiety that they feel when they are not in the presence of their owner. This can occur just after the owner leaves, or it can persist for as many as several hours later until the owner does finally return.

  • While most of these reasons are cause enough to explore electronic bark collars, but there are also reasons for why bark collars should be avoided. For example, some dogs that are in pain will bark excessively. Dogs who suffer from brain diseases, deafness or cognitive problems may also bark excessively, and none of these situations should be dealt with through the use of an electronic bark collar.

  • It is important to take your dog to the veterinarian's office before you begin any new behavior modification program including a bark collar to rule out situations such as these.

  • Ultimately it is up to you whether you choose to use a bark collar or not. You are responsible for the well being and health of your dog, but you have to be aware of the needs and wants of your family and your neighbors as well.

  • There are various methods of behavior modification that can be explored, but electronic bark collars are very fast and effective at delivering the desired results in only a few days in most cases. Your goal here should be discouraging barking that is unnecessary rather than discouraging all barking, because barking within reason is a natural dog behavior and should never be discouraged.

  • It would be ideal for you to learn how to recognize any and all triggers that will cause your dog to lash out through barking, because you may be able to eliminate or at least limit these stressors to a degree. Keep in mind, most importantly of all: There is no magic cure for such unsavory behavior, you simply have to show patience, and when possible, understanding as well.

The Pros and Cons of Using Shock Collars

The first thing to explore when it comes to implementing a shock collar regimen for your dog is the pros and cons associated with this type of training.

Pros Associated With Shock Collars To Train Dogs:

  • When used correctly and by the people who should be allowed to use them, shock collars like these can produce excellent results in dogs who previously had issues with barking.

  • While it may be believed that the constant barking is too much, shock collars can produce results in only a couple of days, quickly convincing a problem dog not to continue with such a bad habit.

  • For many people, shock collars are the only real alternative out there, because other methods for stopping smoking have not worked in the past, or because the owner of the dog is otherwise having trouble nipping the problem in the bud.

Cons Related With Shock Collars To Train Dogs:

  • Some people feel that using pain or discomfort of any kind in order to discourage unwanted behavior in an animal that may or may not understand is simply the wrong way to go about things. Good behavior should be rewarded rather than focusing on relying on punishment as a method of training. The bottom line here is there are alternatives for training and not everyone should automatically resort to shock collar no-bark training.

  • Individuals who are not properly informed and educated on what it means to use a shock collar correctly may injure their animal or cause the equipment to otherwise malfunction. Inexperienced, impatient, frustrated, angry or sadistic owners who do not have the experience necessary to operate them can cause more damage than they ever intended to.

  • Scientific research has shown that the shock from an electronic collar maybe more than simply annoying or uncomfortable, and may have long term negative implications.

  • Experiments have shown in the past that the shocks associated with this type of collar can cause responses that are normally associated with distress or fear. These responses include hiding, biting, trembling, yelping, struggling, cowering, urinating or defecating and freezing.

  • If the microphone responsible for sensing the barking of the dog malfunctions in any way, a negative result can be caused. This is also true if another dog happens to bark, and the collar responds to the other dog's barking, punishing the dog wearing the collar even when it is not he or she that barks.

  • In some situations, dogs that already have a fear response can have that response worsened by bark collars. Some dogs can become more fearful or more territorial when this type of negative reinforcement is used.

  • There are a lot of controversies associated with these types of collars, as people try to determine whether or not these electronic shock collars are actually humane. Shock collars are an issue that everyone appears to have a unique take on, and there is no real telling which side is more popular of the two.

Anti Bark Collar and Market Research

When it comes to electronic shock collars and other dog training aids, the market seems to be leading in a very specific direction: The direction that this market is taking is moving toward creating products that deliver the same quick and efficient results for dogs that bark too much, while not providing too much discomfort for the dog. Many companies are coming out with types of electronic anti bark collar that do not hurt or cause as much discomfort as older models of electronic shock collars.

As the companies developing these collars continue to fine tune their products, they work to develop the perfect combination between creating a level of comfort for the dog, and creating fast results through what is still essentially negative reinforcement to prevent the constant barking from occurring.

There are a number of primary brands out there that produce electronic shock collars, with new companies coming out on a consistent basis. While there are a few brands that dominate the market, the first company that is capable of producing an anti-bark collar that does not come with a healthy dose of controversy will probably dominate the market in the end.

Best Dog Shock Collar

1. Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar

This bark collar from Authen is the recently upgraded version for 2020. This collar can be used for nearly any size dog but not recommended for puppies. It is waterproof and rechargeable for convenience. It has got five sensitivity modes so you can adjust for your dog’s size and bark volume. It also has adjustable correction modes so you can find the lightest setting that’s still effective.

No bark collars can be useful for dog’s who bark constantly for no reason at all. You should know that these methods aren’t ideal for all dogs and don’t necessarily need to be used every day.

Some of the key features of Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar:

  • The collar has 5 levels of adjustable sensitivity and 3 training modes Beep, Vibration and Gentle Safe Shock.

  • Also comes with an optional No-Shock mode.

  • The triggering sensor equipped in this intelligent bark collar will detect and filter then activates only when your dog barks 1000 to 2000 kHZ and 80 to 90 db.

  • Shock mode is not triggered until a second bark within 30 seconds of the first bark.

  • It is Waterproof and Rechargeable.

2. Basic Bark Control Collar

These are some of the simplest and some of the smallest of all bark control collars that are available on the market today and they are available from a wide variety of different brands. When your dog barks, this simple anti-barking collar will give a warning beep, followed by a simple and mild correction. If the dog continues to bark after this point, he will then receive a warning tone followed by what is a slightly stronger electronic pulse correction.

The collar can sense the dog's throat's vibration, knowing the difference between regular vibrations and vibrations caused by barking. This is not a harmful type of shock collar and makes an excellent deterrent for dogs dealing with excessive barking problems.

PetSafe Basic Static Bark Collar Features:

  • Best suitable for dogs 8 pounds and up.

  • Adjusts to fit neck sizes up to 27 inches.

  • These standard bark collars go through six different levels of progressive correction for dogs who are stubborn or who are not affected by the first couple of corrections.

  • These bark collars have one of the smallest receivers in the business, available at a mere 2.3 oz

  • The collar is waterproof, submersible up to 5 ft.—making this collar perfect for dogs that like to play outdoors.

  • Automatic safety shut-off stops correction after 50 seconds.

3. Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

This PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar is one of the most advanced bark control collars out there. It helps stop excessive barking, whining and whimpering. This collar can accurately detect the bark of the dog every single time. Some bark collars are only capable of detecting the barking of the dog using a microphone, and the collar activates based on sound. When your dog barks the collar initially begins with low-level corrections. If excessive barking continues, the correction intensity will automatically increase with each successive bark until the barking stops. The unique bark sensor helps ensure no false corrections.

Few features that come along with the Rechargeable Bark Control Collar:

  • It has 15 Levels of Automatically Adjusting Static Correction – Adjusts according to how often your dog barks with temperament learning technology.

  • Reduces Barking, Whining and Whimpering and it will not activate in response to another dog barking.

  • Waterproof Collar – For dogs that like to play outdoors.

  • Uses a quick charging wall adapter: Latest rechargeable technology.

  • Features a premium coated strap that fits neck sizes up to 27 inches.

  • Can be used with dogs of all sizes, but work especially well for medium-sized to large dogs.

  • Built-in Automatic Stop Feature If your dog barks 15 times or more within a 1 minute and 20 second period (80 seconds), the collar automatically shuts off for 3 minutes.

Alternatives To Shock Collar

While there are a number of different alternatives to training collars in general, there is really only 2 other type of collar that acts as an alternative to the electronic shock collar. These no-bark collars are Citronella Producing Electronic Collars and Ultrasonic Tone Emitter. The spray producing collars produce a spray of citronella in the face of the dog, deterring him or her from continuing to bark. The Ultrasonic Bark Control collar uses a high-pitched tone that’s triggered when your dog decides to speak up. The ultrasonic tone is inaudible to most humans but is annoying to dogs. This type of no-bark training collar is not usually nearly as effective as the electronic shock collar, and some dogs do not seem affected by the citronella producing collar at all.

Here are the few No-Shock No-Bark Dog Collars and Device:

1. Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar

These are the lightest bark control collars available on the market today, weighing in at a single ounce only. These electronic bark collars are ideal for even the smallest dogs, though they should never be used on puppies.

These ultra-light sonic barking collars are from Pet Safe, and only weigh a single ounce meaning that any size dog, large or small, can wear one without worry. This sonic barking collar snaps right onto the existing collar of the dog, so another bulky collar does not have to be worn in order to deliver the outstanding results of this system.

This type of sonic bark collar has an adjustable level of sensitivity, allowing you to fully customize the experience for the unique bark of your particular dog. In order to deter excessive barking, the collar emits a loud sound that will startle your dog, disrupting his barking and discouraging him in the process from continuing. This is not a shock collar, but rather is a perfectly harmless and very effective way of getting your dog's attention and deterring it from the excessive barking.

Here are some of the features associated with the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar:

  • Fits Small to Large Dogs - The collar fits dogs over 8 pounds and neck sizes up to 28 inches.

  • Fits Other Collars - It can be attached directly to the collar of your dog as long as it is an inch thick or less.

  • Two replaceable 3-Volt lithium batteries are included; collar has a low-battery indicator and an on/off switch to help preserve battery life.

  • No Bark Guarantee” - If this product is not meeting your needs, you can contact PetSafe so that they can help you find a different solution for your dog.

2. Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar (Citronella Bark Collar)

Citronella bark collar for large dogs are simple to operate. When your dog barks, a burst of citronella-scented spray is emitted, which dogs find unpleasant. While not harmful, it deters excessive barking. These collars are designed for large dogs, with an adjustable collar that can accommodate neck sizes up to 27 inches. This type of collar is both durable and waterproof, protecting the electronics and protecting your dog as well. What makes this an exceptional form of no barking technology is that it only is activated when your dog's own barking is detected and not when another dog barks.

A safety time out will shut the correction off if the dog barks continuously within a short span of time.

Some of the features associated with the Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Control Collar:

  • Soft spray stops barking of dogs very efficiently.

  • You get 40-50 sprays per refill.

  • Good/low battery and spray indicator which helps identify the device battery life.

  • Suitable for big dogs weighing 40 pounds and up.

  • Provides 1 level of correction.

  • Perfect Bark sound & vibration sensors - only your dog’s bark causes correction.

3. Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar (Citronella Bark Collar)

This is another citronella bark collar created by Pet Safe and designed for little dogs. This anti bark collar for small dogs makes sure that only your dog's bark is going to be capable of causing the correction to occur. If another dog is nearby and barks, the collar will be able to determine the difference. The Pet Safe little dog anti-barking collar has 1 level of correction, and a receiver that is waterproof and durable to protect both the electronics inside and the health of your dog as well. This small, lightweight collar corrects nuisance barking with a surprising mist of spray.

Here are some of the features:

  • Soft spray stops barking in a very efficient manner.

  • 30-40 sprays per refill, 400-500 sprays per can that lasts long.

  • Ergonomic collar with QuickFit buckle for quick release and perfect fit.

  • Suitable for dogs up to 55 pounds.

  • Adjusts to fit neck sizes up to 16 inches.

  • Provides 1 level of correction.

  • Perfect Bark sound & vibration sensors - only your dog’s bark causes correction.

4. Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

If your dog barks too much, or even if your neighbor's dog is barking too much, there is a solution that works for all dogs, no matter where the source of the excessive barking is actually coming from. Excessive barking can really be a strain on a lot of things, which is why Pet Safe came out with an ultrasonic bark control unit that controls all out of control outdoor barking without requiring that any dog require a collar or deal with electronic shocks to correct the behavior.

The Pet Safe outdoor barking control unit was featured in the Wall Street Journal in August of 2007 by providing an alternative to shock collars that produces excellent results at eliminating loud and excessive barking. Is your dog barking too much, or is a neighbor dog barking too much? Pet Safe has released a decorative electronic bird house that is secretly an ultrasonic bark control system which is capable of controlling nuisance and excessive barking.

This Pet Safe outdoor bark control unit is powered by a simple nine volt battery, and can easily train your dog or another dog in the vicinity not to bark excessively. This unit is completely safe and effective no matter what breed the dog is, or how large or small it is.

The dog that is barking excessively will hear a high pitch ultra sonic sound that is safe for the dog and completely inaudible to humans in the area. Because the sound is safe but unpleasant for the offending dog, over time the dog will learn no longer to bark excessively.

Here are some of the features that are included in the Pet Safe Outdoor Bark Control Unit:

  • The Pet Safe outdoor bark control unit uses ultrasonic sound in order to deter nuisance or excessive barking.

  • Works on most dogs within hearing range- no bark collar needed!

  • Covers 1/4 acre. Add extra units for larger yards.

  • Range up to 50 feet and effective on dogs of any size.

  • Microphone detects barking to prevent false corrections.

  • Average battery life is 2 months depending on how often the dog barks.

  • Low-battery indicator prevents from completely draining out the device.

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